Solid fuels

Space heater

Threatening in size, high power yield and capacity to wood burn a wide assortment of strong fuels, that about aggregates up this multi fuel space heater or wood burner.

Remaining at almost 9 feet 265cm tall, this air space radiator works without water by trading heat with through reason made steel and cast iron materials.

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An ordinary model with modern day electronic

The heater is furnished by the industrial facility with a LOGIC framework controller. It controls the operation of pumps and a constrained draft (FD) fan. This heater performs well in complex establishments with focal warming and a boiling point water pump and (on account of its high limit) in structures with a higher warmth request.

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All inclusive sustaining boiler

The Automatic biomass boiler can be let go utilizing five diverse strong energizes: eco-pea coal, pellets, fine coal, oats and lignite. The enhanced ignition conditions in the Automatic heater are given by an imaginative PSQ burner. Inside the boiler chamber, there is a settled water network, which can be utilized also to fire with hard coal, wood, chippings and briquettes. For pellets it meets the Class 4 outflow standard for strong fuel ignition and has been confirmed with a "Green Apple" eco-security mark.

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The Manual boiler has been composed utilizations a demonstrated configuration affirmed by numerous years of operation. The present outline has been enhanced and consideration has been paid to the littlest point of interest. This is the heater with the most direct plan in our item extend, yet in the meantime, it is profoundly proficient and demonstrated in warming little and medium-size structures. It is outlined chiefly for coal terminating, yet it can likewise be effectively used to blaze different sorts of fuel.

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