The Manual boiler has been composed utilizations a demonstrated configuration affirmed by numerous years of operation. The present outline has been enhanced and consideration has been paid to the littlest point of interest. This is the heater with the most direct plan in our item extend, yet in the meantime, it is profoundly proficient and demonstrated in warming little and medium-size structures. It is outlined chiefly for coal terminating, yet it can likewise be effectively used to blaze different sorts of fuel.


Operation of this sort of boiler does not require lessons.

Its direct plan makes an interpretation of practically speaking into clear operation. This heater can be effectively worked by anyone who has past experience. To make fuel charging much more helpful we have extended the terminating entryway and situated them marginally askew. For fiery debris expulsion from the mesh we mounted a convenient lever in favor of the boiler. It is sufficient to force it down and thus the all the fiery debris will tumble down into the slag pit.

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Lower fuel utilization

We enhanced the traditional configuration by including developed vent gas dissemination. Hence we have succeeded in amplifying the working time with a solitary charge. Hence this boiler with such a terminating framework will devour less fuel.

Long operational existence of the boiler

Our boilers are made of prevalent quality steel. In mix with twofold welds it gives a dependable weld thickness and higher consumption resistance. This model is secured by the accompanying guarantee terms: 2-year guarantee for subassemblies, 6-year guarantee for warmth exchanger trustworthiness and 10-guarantee for weld thickness.

Simple updating

The heater was intended to empower ensuing simple updating – to include a controller and a fan. Extra subassemblies upgrade moderate smoldering and make the heater starting up procedure less demanding because of the change of the smokestack draft. At the point when the client lean towards routine operation we recommend utilizing a burning controller. It keeps up the set boiling hot water temperature through the mechanical control of air inflow into the burning chamber.