All inclusive sustaining boiler

The Automatic biomass boiler can be let go utilizing five diverse strong energizes: eco-pea coal, pellets, fine coal, oats and lignite. The enhanced ignition conditions in the Automatic heater are given by an imaginative PSQ burner. Inside the boiler chamber, there is a settled water network, which can be utilized also to fire with hard coal, wood, chippings and briquettes. For pellets it meets the Class 4 outflow standard for strong fuel ignition and has been confirmed with a "Green Apple" eco-security mark.


Programmed operation

The ST-480 controller controls a constrained draft (FD) fan, feeder, focal warming and local boiling hot water pump, floor warming pump, flowing pump and floor temperature controller. Parameter perusing and adjustment is bolstered by a substantial, clear show with a pulser handle. In standard gear the controller is likewise in charge of taking care of the blending valve and climate sensor which guarantees that the boiler operational parameters are changed in accordance with the encompassing temperature. Discretionary modules bolster similarity with extra blending valves and interchanges through the RS channel, with GSM and Ethernet modules.

Full assurance of the ignition process

Operational wellbeing and boiler insurance is secured by various protections. The boiler's essential hardware incorporates a programmed fire dousing framework. The sensor constantly screens the heater water temperature and the temperature of the never-ending screw and the fuel container If any inconsistencies are recognized or any of the sensors come up short, the framework will actuate an alert and switch off the feeder and fan. On the off chance that the never-ending tighten has been hindered the feeder then the cotter pin is broken mechanically to ensure the motoreducer against harm. Another wellbeing highlight of the Automatic boiler is the sensor ensuring against fire withdrawal into the feeder and the flame stifling framework, when the feeder channel has come to a temperature of 90°C