Space heater

Threatening in size, high power yield and capacity to wood burn a wide assortment of strong fuels, that about aggregates up this multi fuel space heater or wood burner.

Remaining at almost 9 feet 265cm tall, this air space radiator works without water by trading heat with through reason made steel and cast iron materials.


Its fundamental characteristic of this reach is the span of flame box for 35KW being around 300 liters and almost 600 liters for the 70KW couple that with wide opening for stacking and refills and this strong fuel wood burner begins to bode well. Being blockbuster for 2014 and 2015 its preferably suited for business premises where access to fuel material is accessible this being logs, waste wood or wood by items, cardboard, coal and alike. The fire and hot vapor are diverted through tubes into smoke box where air is blown through warmth exchangers to create unfaltering supply of warm/hot air.

The hot air exits through the swivel pipe situated at the exceptionally best or the unit can be joined with a hot air ducting framework.

  • Exceedingly proficient
  • Aerial space warmer
  • Huge flame box implies long refill times
  • No water hence no winter upkeep
  • Reasonable multi fuel ability
  • Basic strong development